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Are IVF Babies as Normal as Others?

Alternate Title: IVF Treatment and IVF Babies – A Rational Approach towards Both

Despite living in the 21st century, we are yet conservative and conventional about certain aspects, and IVF treatment is one of them! A lot of us are skeptical and reluctant about IVF treatments, owing to our own reservations against it and the myths that influence us. IVF treatment and the babies born out of it, let’s call them as IVF babies, are considered to be abnormal, and complemented by some myths around it.

One of the most widely accepted (not sure if observed!), is that IVF babies aren’t as healthy as the normal ones. Not certain, if the criticism here is supported by some proof. But, since IVF babies aren’t born through a natural sexual intercourse, some people deem them to be artificial babies, while some consider IVF against nature.

Nevertheless, all of this is spoken from a distance, and if you have a close look at the IVF infertility treatment, the truth is far away, and rather hopeful opposed to the misconceptions that have been camouflaging it. This blog is about supporting the fact that IVF treatment isn’t a myth, but a scientific solution towards treating infertility. Keep reading.

IVF Children through IVF Treatment – Yes, it is Normal!

Infertility in our country is yet considered to be a moot issue. We still prefer keeping mum on it, or discuss it within closed doors! Here, we fail to realize that medical science has progressed to the extent that infertility no more remains an incurable condition. IVF treatment is one of those natural solutions to treating infertility. Another common myth is that IVF children aren’t born through a normal process, and hence looked at as artificial beings with physical abnormalities. Forget the illiterate ones, but as the embryo is developed in a lab, the educated class also thinks of IVF as an artificial nurturing process. So, it’s time to clear off the air and bring IVF treatment in a positive light.

IVF babies are reproduced through ART. ART is Assisted Reproduction Technology, which is by no means an artificial process. IVF babies are absolutely natural and normal; with the only difference here is that the process of fertilization is carried out in test tubes instead of Fallopian tubes. Later on, the fertilized eggs undergo embryo culture for around 2-6 days, after which, they are transferred to the woman’s uterus, thus demonstrating the fact that test tube babies as well are completely normal as others!

IVF children are absolutely normal and natural human beings since the mother delivers the baby in a natural way. There’s no difference between them and children who are born through the regular process, and hence, people who tend to treat them indifferently should refrain from doing so. For those still in a dilemma, must get in touch with Dr. Anjali Deval from IVF spring for a detailed description, and seek additional insights on clearing the myth.


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