Are IVF Babies as Normal as Others?

What are IVF Babies?

IVF babies are normal babies: Couples who fail to conceive naturally opt for IVF (In-Vitro-Fertilization) treatment and the babies born through IVF treatment are IVF babies. In IVF treatment the female eggs and male sperms are fertilized in a laboratory setup are fertilized. Despite living in the 21st century, we are yet conservative and conventional about certain aspects, and IVF baby is one of them!

Difference between IVF babies and test tube babies 

It is a frequent question asked by many people. Here’s a simple explanation. There is no difference between IVF and test tube babies. Both the processes are the same. Before IVF was acceptable in India, the term test tube baby was used in an earlier time, when there was no medical term people used to name it as test tube baby. The child conceived through IVF method is called test tube baby.

Are IVF babies as normal as others?

Yes, absolutely!  IVF babies are as normal as other babies. They come into the world in the same way – carried in the womb of their mother (or a surrogate mother) for 9months until delivered by a doctor. The misconception about IVF babies has been perpetuated by ignorance and holds no truth. One must keep in mind babies conceived from IVF treatment are just completely normal, only the difference is that they are born by using a sophisticated clinical process that requires technical expertise.

“The first IVF birth was in 1978, and in 2012 it was estimated that 5 million children had been born worldwide following IVF treatments.”

IVF Children through IVF Treatment – Yes, it is Normal!

Are IVF babies smarter?

IVF babies are just as smarter as those spontaneously conceived babies. All parents can be reassured about it. The process of IVF doesn’t change the intelligence of babies. There is no difference between sperm and egg coming together in a lab, and sperm and egg coming together in a woman’s body. The new study conducted reveals that babies conceived from IVF have the same cognitive skills as babies conceived naturally.

“An embryo is an embryo, whether it’s made in the bedroom, or in the lab”.

Can IVF babies be delivered naturally?

A common myth is that IVF children aren’t born through a normal process and cannot be delivered naturally. It’s time to clear off the air and bring IVF treatment in a positive light.

IVF babies are absolutely normal, natural human beings and are delivered naturally since the mother delivers the baby in a natural way when no high-risk issues are involved. The main difference is that you will be monitored more intensively by your fertility doctor when you get pregnant through in vitro fertilization. For those still in a dilemma. Must get in touch with Dr. Anjali Deval from IVF spring. For a detailed description and seek additional insights on clearing the myth.

“you should discuss with your fertility doctor if you are eligible for labor and normal delivery.”

 IVF babies cost

The cost of IVF babies in India is less than in western countries. The cost of the complete procedure can vary from Rs. 1,10,000 to Rs. 2,00,000. Cost is dependent on many factors like the use of fertility drugs and the kind of treatments opted for. It also depends upon the number of cycles.

The success rates of IVF are very high in India and the cost of having an IVF is considerably higher in other countries. IVF baby in Mumbai is based on a sensible cost and thus it attracts numerous infertile couples to travel to India to have their baby. Test Tube Baby Cost in Mumbai – INR 1,50,000 – 3,00,000.

The average cost of total treatment $ 10,000-$ 25,000 (American dollars).

“The babies born out of the IVF method are frequently termed as test tube babies.”

IVF Babies Advantages

Note -IVF – In-vitro fertilization is commonly known as IVF baby/ test tube baby.  Let’s get into the advantages:

  • A successful pregnancy and a healthy baby born are the biggest advantages of undertaking an IVF procedure
  • IVF can help to diagnose fertilization problems
  • Embryos can be used to screen for genetic diseases
  • It can help single women and same-sex couples
  • Success Rate is high
  • IVF works where other infertility treatments fail
  • Can use donated eggs or sperms
  • Increases chance of conception

“For women with blocked or damaged fallopian tubes, IVF gives the best chance of having a child using their own eggs.”

It was in the year 1978, when the first’ IVF baby’, Louise Joy Brown was born using Natural IVF. It’s been 40 years since then and the technology has advanced with refined techniques, which has helped create safer successful treatments.

IVF Babies Disadvantages

Like all medical procedures, it also has a few disadvantages. Let’s get into the disadvantages:

  • An IVF cycle may be unsuccessful
  • It can take an emotional/psychological toll
  • Some patients may be concerned about ethical issues
  • Can cause multiple births
  • It can be performed only if a woman has at least one normal fallopian tube
  • IVF is not always covered by insurance/social security, and the costs of repeated procedures can add up quickly

It is very important to be realistic but positive about the chances of success when going through IVF treatment.

To get a fair idea about the benefits and drawbacks of IVF treatment, you need a good clinic that can ultimately help you take correct decisions.

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