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Donation is always good, be it of Blood or Eggs & Sperms!

No one has ever become poor by giving, especially when it lets you save lives without causing any harm. Blood donation is said to be the “supreme donation”, you can save 3 lives at a time by donating blood once. From blood donation, you can save lives, but from egg and sperm donation you can make life! Making you familiar with the fact, there is no harm caused to the donor in donating egg and sperm; in fact, it lets you help people who are unable to have a child. I can say this with super confidence because I myself have donated an egg.

It is tough yet worth it!
Having seen my cousin fighting from such a devastating situation of infertility, I could understand the pain of not having a child very closely. Seeing an eternal satisfaction on her face while holding her baby, I realised that there are several other couples undergoing the same problem. After collecting all the related information, I thought about both positive and negative aspects, discussed with my peers, talked to myself and took a bit longer to think about it. Of course, I had to make sure that I could undergo the medications and injections repetitively. I was still afraid.

After few days, I came across to a couple who were parents of a healthy child; they were able to achieve pregnancy with the help of IVF treatment along with donor eggs. I had to put my feet into their shoes and then I could sense the actual feeling of not able to have a child for long. Finally, after analyzing certain aspects I decided to donate eggs. I wanted to bring the same smile on others face like the one on the face of my cousin.
After volunteering myself for donating eggs, I was matched with a couple. Sooner the tests began to start along with the daily injections, counselling. After this, the actual procedure of egg donation started. Yes, the whole scenario was a little stressful but the couple and the unborn baby were my motivation throughout. I could imagine the felicity of the moment when the baby would be with them. Few days later, I came to know that the couple was able to conceive and the sense of happiness I felt is inexpressible. Egg Donation changed my perspective and now I believe in “happiness lies in giving”.

Egg donation does not affect donor’s fertility!
Quite obvious concern in every donor’s mind – will it affect my fertility? No, it will not! Talking technically, a woman contains around 30,000 eggs when she starts getting her periods and will ovulate approximately 400 times in her life. Considering these facts, there are a number of spare eggs that would be left with donor even after donating 15-25 eggs in a cycle. This has been verified in a scientific research where the AMH level, which indicates the number of eggs in ovaries, did not decrease. Hence, it will not affect the fertility and menstrual cycle or menopause of the donor.

How does an egg donation benefit the recipient?
Many a times, a recipient is also hesitant to undergo infertility treatment through donor eggs. Many questions arise regarding the safety and legitimacy of receiving eggs from another person. Here are some of the valid pointers that may help the person to clear their dilemma regarding egg donation.

  • The child will always be biologically yours as the sperm would be obtained from the male partner.
  • Unlike surrogacy or adoption, you will be carrying the pregnancy along with experiencing all the maternal feelings and connection with your unborn child.
  • It is completely legal to donate or to receive eggs from another woman.
  • This is the best for the women above the age of 40 or having FSH hormone level more than 15.

Actual happiness lies in seeing others happy! Egg donation is one thing that will really spread joy in someone’s life. A situation like infertility really demands a lot of courage and patience altogether. I would like to acknowledge all the couples out there who are struggling with the detriments of infertility; after every sunset, there will come a sunrise. Just don’t refuse to give up hopes and focus on the positive side of this entire painstaking situation. At IVF Spring, we provide an ethical and supportive donor program to ensure the wellness of both the donor and the recipient. If you are willing to donate, we would love to hear from you.

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