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Dreading the 2-Week Wait after IVF? Here’s How You Can Make it Easier

During the process of IVF treatment, one of the aspects that have everyone hanging by a loose thread is the 2-week wait. In reality, two weeks don’t seem that long, especially when you consider months and even years of battling infertility as a whole. However, the two-week wait is just like the night before getting your report card. Except, there’s no percentage or grade involved. Just like you either pass or fail, here, you are either pregnant or not. Though this phase is the most crucial part, the biggest advice given to intended parents is to avoid stressing out. But what else can be done to make this period pass by quickly? Know how, below.

 ‘The two-week wait after IVF treatment doesn’t necessarily have to be stressful. Focus on keeping yourself happy by whatever interests you.’

Don’t freak at the first sight of cramping

The first thought after experiencing any sort of cramping or abdominal pressure is that something is wrong. Cramping after the egg-retrieval stage is quite normal. The fluid buildup caused by IVF medications could easily be the cause of cramping or pelvic discomfort. Your doctor will most likely prescribe some medication that should help ease it. Take it easy, and distract yourself with some hobby or work. However, if your cramping is unmanageable, and still persists, it would be a good idea to consult your physician.

Light spotting is normal

Another cause for most people to panic is light bleeding or spotting. Movies and TV Shows have taught us that the first step to any pregnancy going wrong is bleeding. Though it isn’t entirely wrong, there’s no need to panic if you experience any spotting after the embryo transfer. IVF medication can cause a strain on your reproductive organs, leading to discharge. There is also something called ‘implantation spotting’, which occurs when the embryo is in the process of attaching itself to your uterine wall.

Taking it easy is a great idea, but bed-rest isn’t

Unless you have been advised by your doctor to be on complete bed-rest due to complications of your condition, don’t even think about it. Avoid hardcore exercise, but also ensure that you do some form of light exercise every day. This helps keep you healthy and also releases stress hormones.

There’s a timing for pregnancy tests

We have seen a number of people who have excitedly tested for pregnancy within the 2-week mark. There’s no point to doing that, except if you want to be disappointed and stressed out. Wait until 2 weeks before you start taking pregnancy tests after your IVF process.

Pregnancy-like symptoms?

What happens if you start experiencing nausea, sensitive breasts, and even light cramping and spotting? Think you’re pregnant?  Well, you can’t know for sure. Your IVF medication may also be causing pregnancy like symptoms, which could very well turn out to be negative. Don’t get too excited, and wait until your two weeks end. Don’t focus on how you feel.

The two-week wait after IVF treatment doesn’t necessarily have to be stressful. Focus on keeping yourself happy by whatever interests you. Take up a hobby, do some yoga, or whatever it is that you want to. But, don’t stress about the pregnancy. Being occupied will help you far more than idly thinking about the outcome of your IVF process will.

The 2 week wait after IVF can be an extremely anxious time for couples. However, the best way to cope with it is to listen to your physician and take any advice given to you. At IVF Spring, we discuss the entire treatment process with patients, so that they are prepared for anything that might take place.

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