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Everything you need to know about AMH treatment


The level of AMH or Anti-Mullerian Hormone is regarded as a credible and reliable barometer for testing the ovarian reserve state for women. An AMH test helps to determine whether a woman’s AMH levels are high or low. Low AMH level indicates that the woman’s ovarian reserve is declining rapidly in which case they should seek fertility treatment on an immediate basis if they are looking to get pregnant. Therefore by learning about AMH level, it is possible to learn about the quantity of eggs that is generally produced by the woman. It can also help in determining how urgently the woman should be subjected to treatment.

Low AMH and Pregnancy

While Low AMH signs are not exactly regarded as a cause of infertility, it still serves as an indicator that point to the current state of a woman’s ovarian reserve. An AMH test is regarded as an effective test for female fertility. Dwindling or depleted ovarian reserve usually leads to problems associated with infertility and a problematic pregnancy. If the total numbers of eggs get reduced greatly or if currently there are hardly any eggs in the ovarian reserve, then the chances of achieving pregnancy is minimized greatly. Due to this reason women having low AMH level should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. This is true even for older women on the age group between 35 and 40 years. Among younger women, numerous cases have been found where the women have not experienced any hassles in achieving pregnancy even when they have low AMH level.


Symptoms of Low AMH – “While low AMH does not produce any explicit or overt symptoms, it has been found that women who are affected by it does experience stopping of periods or irregular periods. A blood test is considered to be the most effective method to check the AMH level”


Low AMH Causes  – Some of the main factors responsible for low AMH are stated below:

Age, Hormonal Imbalance, Genetic factors, Environmental causes, Endometriosis & Unknown (Idiopathic)

There are a number of important reasons for which you may opt for sitting for an Anti-Mullerian Test. Some of them are stated below.

  • You and your partner have been trying hard to conceive for more than the last six months without any effective results. Due to this reason, you want to verify whether your body’s ovarian reserve is deemed appropriate for your current age
  • You are looking to conceiving by natural means or through IVF
  • You had a chemotherapy procedure and you are looking to understand its impact on your body
  • You may be considering egg freezing or egg reserve and you want to know about AMH procedure for improving your general knowledge and understanding of the process

If you have been diagnosed with low AMH levels, then you should undergo medical treatments related to infertility. It is in your best interest to choose an infertility clinic that can offer you the best solutions in this regard. You should definitely visit IVF Spring for availing the most accurate results. IVF Spring is known to carry out highly accurate fertility test that can ensure effective results for AMH levels. From offering effective information about Accurate AMH tests to Best AMH cost, the clinic can offer comprehensive solutions to women who are looking for the best medical solutions for their fertility issues. It is therefore no wonder that thousands of women choose to avail the services of IVF Spring, Mumbai, India on a regular basis.

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