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Factors linked with IVF Multiple Pregnancies

IVF treatment, for many couples, results in twin pregnancy and, rarely multiple pregnancies. Statistically, undergoing IVF treatment has resulted in a twin pregnancy in 24-25% of the cases, and multiple pregnancies in around 2-3% ones. IVF is not a risky treatment but an organized and scientific approach towards treating infertility. Yes, there could be some conditions associated with twin or multiple pregnancies; however, through appropriate treatment, following the necessary precautions, and with the guidance of an experienced and caring doctor like Dr. Anjali Deval from IVF Spring, the entire IVF journey is safe, painless and hassle-free. We will now discuss some of the dimensions tethered to multiple pregnancies in IVF.

In normal situations, the chances of twin pregnancies are somewhere around 5-6% and that of multiple pregnancies is 1% or less than that. Usually, the influence of hereditary factors is something that fosters this, but in IVF, one can choose to have a twin pregnancy or multiple ones based on the embryo transfer process.

Embryo transfer is the process of placing the embryo in the uterus. The usual implantation period is around 6-12 days. In this period, ideally, the embryo hatches and ties itself with the uterine lining. But, in some cases, wherein the embryo dies, the quality of the embryo plays an important role.IVF Spring ensures that the highest quality of embryo is maintained, thus helping couples gain the best results.

Some couples opt for transferring 2-3 embryos during the embryo transfer procedure. The idea behind doing this is the hope that at least one embryo would survive and result in pregnancy. So, it all starts with the number of embryos transferred. The uterus offering a favorable environment to the embryos for implantation increases the embryo survival chances, thereby resulting in twin or multiple pregnancies in case of such couples. But, besides the natural conditions that affect the embryo, the quality of the embryo also plays an important role and maintaining which is the doctor’s responsibility.

Twin pregnancy is considered to be a gift by many, as the thought of parenting two children at a time, gives them immense happiness. Many couples remain contented with the twins that they’ve been blessed with. On the other hand, however, carrying twins isn’t simple. It requires following all the precautions, medicines and most importantly undergoing an appropriate treatment. For couples, irrespective of their pregnancy choice, IVF Spring educates the couples about the pros and cons of twin, and multiple pregnancies, the precautions and medicines to be taken, etc. Apart from that, it also ensures that quality of the embryo is maintained, thus also avoiding twin or multiple pregnancies, based on the couple’s preference.

IVF twins or multiple pregnancies are more of a choice than a sudden surprise. Of course, taking the necessary precautions imperative, but based on your situation, parenting twins comes with a lot of benefits, and hence, considering it to be an IVF treatment risk would not be the right approach.

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