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Fight infertility in Indonesia

IVF in Indonesia has seen a fair amount of babies born through ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). The country has access to advanced technology and equipment, which has resulted in good success rates, in spite of the taboo around infertility. Though the taboo surrounding infertility is being slowly lifted, it is quite a slow process. Moreover, the country does not allow LGBT couples to opt for IVF in Indonesia, which makes the process quite restricted. Owing to a wide range of factors, such as the high IVF cost in Indonesia, IVF criteria, the taboo, and more, many infertile couples look for other countries they can travel to, to get high quality IVF that suits their preferences.

Every miracle tales a little time. Be patient.

What you should consider before deciding your IVF Clinic:

  • The clinic should thoroughly diagnose your condition before recommending IVF.
  • The clinic should have provisions for additional procedures, to boost IVF success rates.
  • Your doctor should be experienced in the field, and have good success rates with IVF.
  • The clinic should have counsellors to support and guide you during the process.
  • Only the latest equipment and technology should be used for your IVF treatment.
  • Your budget should be able to accommodate the clinic’s charges.
  • The clinic must have success rates according to age and condition.
  • The doctors should explain each part of the process to you in detail.

Keeping a look out for these factors when considering your IVF Clinic, will narrow down your options, and ensure that you choose only the best for yourself.

Why Choose IVF Spring?

Looking for a fertility clinic in Indonesia that provides world-class IVF treatments to infertile couples? IVF Spring is the best IVF centre in Indonesia, that has seen high success with fertility treatments such as IVF and IUI. Each patient at IVF Spring Fertility Centre, Mumbai, India, is provided with a team of certified experts who work together to diagnose the cause of infertility and create a treatment plan, solely customized to their condition. Dr. Anjali Deval, the director at IVF Spring regularly holds seminars with her colleagues, to discuss how the latest innovations can be incorporated in the treatments at IVF Spring. We provide international patients end-to-end services, that facilitate the entire journey, right from visa assistance, airport pick-ups and drop-offs, currency exchange, and more. We also ensure that they are treated exclusively in the International Wing in our state-of-the-art clinic. Apart from IVF treatments, we also provide IUI, Genetic Testing, ICSI, and more, which have seen excellent success in the past. We constantly endeavour to give our patients the best experience possible, where they can delve into the culture and heritage of India. Our aim is to make medical tourism flourish in India, with the best possible IVF in Indonesia cost. Book an appointment with our experts, and get started on fulfilling your dream of parenthood, today.

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