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How Assisted Hatching Enhances IVF Treatment

One of the causes of IVF Treatments failing is that a fertilized embryo may not attach itself to the lining of the uterus. By reducing the chance of this kind of failure, the role of Assisted Hatching in IVF is crucial. A fertilized embryo must hatch, by breaking out of a layer of proteins developed around it, and implant itself to the womb. Assisted Hatching helps this hatching process occur, and ensures that once a fertilized embryo is placed in the womb, it attaches itself to the uterus lining. Due to the skill, precision, and care required in this procedure, it is regarded as a revolutionary technique in the field of fertility treatments.


There are two ways to perform this procedure. One is where an acidic solution is used, to dissolve a small part of the zona pellucida, the outermost layer of the embryo. A modern technique of performing the procedure is by Lazer Assisted Hatching, where a computer operated micro-laser is used, to make a small opening in the zona pellucida. This enables the cells to easily escape through the hole. Once the procedure has taken place, the embryo is kept in an incubator for a day, and then transferred to the uterus. The Assisted Hatching IVF success rate is high, enabling a pregnancy to occur where there was previously no hope.


Assisted Hatching is not recommended to everyone who opts for IVF, as it is not always required. There are a few types of people who may require Assisted Hatching in IVF Treatments.

  • Women who are over the age of 38.
  • Women with a production of low-quality embryos.
  • Women who have had 2 previously failed IVF cycles.
  • Women whose embryos develop a thicker than normal zona pellucida.
  • Women with high FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) levels, which indicate a lower reserve of eggs.

what is assisted hatchingIVM AND ASSISTED HATCHING:

Some women face issues, with their eggs maturing irregularly, and sometimes not maturing at all. The IVM (In Vitro Maturation) procedure helps these women conceive, by maturing the eggs in a lab (in-vitro). Once the eggs have matured, one of them is fertilized, and subsequently placed in the uterus after a few days. Only the best embryos as used for this process. For women who do not produce good quality embryos, or wish to preserve the embryos for later use, assisted hatching can help boost the success rate of the procedure.

Infertility can shatter dreams of parenthood in couples who desire to have a child. Treating infertility is possible in today’s world, with the right doctors. Assisted Hatching is a method that requires an experienced and reliable embryologist, who can decide if the procedure is appropriate for you and efficiently conduct it. IVF Spring, Mumbai, is a leading fertility treatment center that specializes in fertility treatments such as IVF and Assisted Reproduction, to make your dream of becoming a parent come true.

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