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How IVF Changed Fertility Tourism in India

IVF in India has progressed at a tremendous rate. With the taboo over infertility slowly being washed away over the past years, the country has played host to infertile couples seeking treatment, not just from the country, but from across the world. A major beneficiary is obviously, the couples who achieve parenthood. However, the fertility tourism and medical tourism industry’s ripe benefits are hard to ignore. Here is how IVF has truly changed the fertility tourism sector in India.

‘To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often’

How IVF has impacted the fertility industry

Often named as the ‘face of the fertility industry’, IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) has helped many infertile couples fulfill their dream. With new techniques and technology being invented every now and then, IVF success rates only get higher. This ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) has shown to be successful for infertile couples who had even the slimmest of chances of being parents, like older women, PCOD patients, and more. Advancements such as Assisted Hatching, Genetic Testing, ICSI (Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) etc. have further helped boost success rates of IVF for infertile couples. IVF clinics now have the latest technology and equipment which bring out the best in IVF treatments. Couples in countries that have lower grade technology or high cost of IVF, seek affordable IVF in other countries. Some of the most frequented fertility tourism destinations are India, Georgia, and Israel, among others.

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How IVF has helped medical tourism increase in India

Fertility tourism is merely a branch of medical tourism. However, this particular branch contributes to the maximum of the revenue generated by medical tourism in India. IVF treatments in India have created an astounding impact on the fertility tourism industry, owing to a variety of factors. Here’s why India is such a popular IVF destination.

  • Cost of IVF in India: The IVF cost in India is quite affordable, as compared to other countries. IVF treatments merely cost 1/3rd of the price of IVF in other countries such as USA, UK, or Europe.
  • Equipment used for treatments: Most IVF centres in India use cutting-edge technology to treat each patient. By having access to the latest equipment, India is sought out by people from countries like Afghanistan etc., where the infrastructure doesn’t allow for state-of-the-art equipment to be used. Moreover, by maintaining a high standard, Indian fertility clinics are also frequented by patients where IVF is costly, as they don’t need to compromise on quality.
  • Laws on ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology): India’s ART laws are conducive to bringing out the highest chance of success in each patient, by legalizing the use of techniques and procedures such as Assisted Hatching, Genetic Testing, and more. This helps boost success rates in IVF clinics in India.

A mix of all these factors has greatly helped draw infertile couples seeking fertility treatments, to India. Very few countries in the world have managed to create an environment where fertility treatments happen with ease, suiting any budget. Consult a fertility specialist at an IVF centre in India, and experience world-class treatments.

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