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How To Deal With The Effects Of Fertility Treatments

Dealing with fertility treatments can be tough for many couples, considering the mental and physical toll that these treatments take on each person. Right from hormonal changes, physical pain, and psychological aspects of IVF, many patients end up having to wade through a huge pile of negative feelings, to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Even though each person goes through their own set of IVF emotional effects, there are some ways to beat the negativity and open the door to optimism.


‘Difficult Roads Often Lead To Beautiful Destinations’


Communicate with your partner

Miscommunication can be one of the leading causes of marital tiffs. It is essential to keep your personal life a place that you can retreat to for comfort, especially when going through fertility treatments. Communicating everything you’re feeling to your partner, ensures that the two of you can have an open conversation. Telling your partner exactly what you want and expect, avoids misunderstandings and disappointment. This also helps your partner know exactly what to do, to lighten the situation and make you feel better, as well as understand the IVF emotional stress you’re facing.


Understand how infertility grief works

Many people expect that once they begin the fertility treatment, all the depression and anxiety of infertility gets washed away. However, that is far from the case. The process of IVF treatments is slow. Moreover, many patients require multiple cycles of IVF before they taste success. Infertile women often face guilt and remorse over not being able to naturally conceive. Many women also end up dealing with infertility depression and anxiety throughout the treatment, especially if they aren’t patient. Coping with infertility grief becomes easier when you understand its causes.


Talk to a counsellor

Visiting a counsellor is often seen as a taboo in many countries around the world. However, getting outside help has proven to be majorly effective in dealing with IVF emotional effects. Counsellors help you find a positive outlet for your emotions, rather than retreating into a negative space of isolation, self-harm, or substance abuse. Having someone to talk to, especially one who you aren’t acquainted with could help you be more open about what you’re feeling. Moreover, many counsellors fully understand the emotional impact of infertility and specialize in helping couples deal with their condition and treatment.

Fertility Treatments Effect

Start a journal

The entire process of writing down your activities and feelings throughout the day is extremely therapeutic and greatly helps in reducing stress. This, in turn, creates a favourable environment for successful treatment. Moreover, keeping a journal motivates you to take better care of yourself and curate your own method of how to emotionally deal with infertility.


Join a support group

There are support groups that meet frequently to discuss and work through the effects of IVF treatments together. You can find many online support groups that also favour anonymity. Knowing that you aren’t the only one going through the pain can help push away negative feelings and remind you of the beautiful end result of fertility treatments.


Support on coping with the impacts of fertility treatments comes from everywhere. All you have to do is pick something that makes you feel comfortable and at peace. After all, reduced stress indicates better chances of a successful pregnancy.

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