I Have Been Advised To Undergo Ivf. Is It Safe?

What is IVF, what is the requirement of IVF, is IVF Safe

“Sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together.” 

The journey of infertility is just like a roller coaster, lots of twists and turns are involved in it.  However, there has been a huge advancement in the field of medical science hence providing various treatments for your infertility.

One of the most usually recommended infertility treatments is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). If you are advised to undergo the IVF treatment and are in a dilemma to go for it or not. Then my dear friend this blog is completely for you. Considering you as a beginner, I would first like to give a brief insight into what actually IVF is.

IVF is an Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART) and a fertilization process that is done by extracting ovum along with retrieving the samples of sperm and then combining them in the laboratory. After the amalgamation, the embryo is then placed in the womb of the intended mother, leading to conception. Sometimes couples may try the other less invasive fertility treatment options before landing into IVF. But if those treatments fail then IVF is at your rescue.

Know why to think is IVF Safe!

Know why IVF treatment is safe

Generally, IVF is recommended for those women, who have blocked Fallopian tubes, suffering from endometriosis, are at or above the age of 40, uterine fibroids, have some kind of genetic disorder or are in the condition of unexplained infertility.

The Natural cycle IVF is the safest of all the infertility treatments. As it does not involve any kind of hormonal stimulation hence becoming a best-suitable process for women.  Know some more advantages of Natural Cycle IVF below.

This treatment has a success rate of as high as 40% per embryo transfer. If your fertility specialist has expertise in delivering the appropriate treatment as per your medical conditions then the chances of failure of the treatment are negligible.

During the fertility treatment, there is sometimes a threat of OHSS (Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome).   A situation. Where you may see some of the side effects in your body like severe abdominal pain, rapid weight gain, and various other problems. In Natural cycle IVF, you will not find any risk of OHSS as there are no medications involved.

Look for the best fertility doctor!

While dealing with this challenging situation, all you need is a helping hand that will assist you the best. Getting the treatment done with the best fertility specialist is all that you need. Dr Anjali Deval, one of the best fertility specialists in India, possesses an experience of more than 15 years in treating infertility. She is highly proficient in performing the IVF procedure and other fertility treatments and has witnessed the highest success rates in it.

You will not want to take any chance in your treatment. Booking an appointment with IVF Spring Fertility center will take you a step forward in your journey towards parenthood.

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