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India: A Rising Fertility Tourism Hub

Fertility tourism in India has been steadily growing into a massive industry of its own, over the years. The expected revenue from medical tourism in the coming years is between 8-10 billion dollars, in which fertility tourism is expected to constitute a major part. Fertility Tourism is a sector in medical tourism, where patients from all across the world travel to a different country for their fertility treatments such as IVF, IUI etc. This is done for a variety of reasons, such as better quality or more affordable treatments in the destination country. Combined with a rich heritage, value for money treatments and patient-oriented procedures, India is a much preferred destination for fertility tourism patients, especially those in Australia.

‘Believe that you will succeed and you will’

Why Choose India for Fertility Tourism?

India is a prime hub for fertility tourism, for a vast number of reasons. Every year, patients come from Australia and other parts of the world to India, for their fertility treatments. Here are some of the reasons why India is a fertility tourism hub:

1. Affordable Treatments: The cost of treatments in India is almost 1/3rd the cost of fertility treatment in Australia. A large part of this is the efficiency of doctors conducting procedures. By efficiently using equipment to minimize cost and reduce treatment and recovery durations, Indian fertility clinics cater to a wide range of patients from all over the world.

2. High-Quality Equipment: India has access to advanced equipment that is both, efficient and accurate. This allows for better success with treatments, owing to stellar technical expertise. In fact, India currently has better access to the latest equipment in the industry than equipment to treat infertility in Australia

3. Certified Experts: The top fertility clinics in India have specialists who are renowned experts in their respective fields. By using their years of experience and expertise in the industry, they ensure that each patient gets the best chance of success with fertility treatments.

Medical Tourism in India

4. Specialized Services for International Patients: India’s fertility clinics specifically work towards catering to patients from across the globe. Marketing of fertility tourism is done on a large scale, with clinics advertising their international cuisines and foreign translators. This greatly helps attract more patients opting for fertility tourism.

5. Tourist Destination: India has a rich heritage and a colourful local culture, which is explored by tourists every year. There is much to see and do in India. Fertility tourism works like killing two birds with one stone, as patients get affordable high-quality treatments, and can also tick exploring one more country off their bucket list.

6. Patient-Oriented Treatments: Treatments that cater specifically to patients, and put the needs of the patients first, rather than bureaucratic paperwork and legal measures are sure to be more attractive to patients opting for fertility tourism. India’s IVF treatment methods work towards being more advantageous than the healthcare system in Australia.

The fertility tourism sector increases every day, with a catered range of treatments that focus on putting the needs of the patient first and delivering success rates that are the best in the industry. With the revenue from fertility tourism expected to triple by 2020, there is no doubt, this industry is proving to be a boon to India’s economy, as well as patients across the world.

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