Is IVF Treatment Really Painful?

Is IVF treatment painful: Despite the most beautiful feeling– ‘motherhood’ calling ahead, a lot of women seeking infertility treatment avoid going for IVF owing to the pre-conceived notions about IVF treatment and the pains associated with it. A lot of couples confronted with infertility are keen to know how painful is the IVF treatment? Treating IVF with infertility involves IVF injections. Hence, we wouldn’t say that their reluctance about the injecting process is unjustified. But here, it is necessary to understand the pain involved in IVF is negligible as compared to the other surgical processes, and there’s nothing that one should worry about! This blog is an attempt at clearing the myths surrounding the IVF treatment and its pains.

The IVF Procedure

For people who are in a dilemma about the IVF treatment and are skeptical about it, here’s how the IVF procedure is carried out.

  • The procedure begins with the usage of injections for the development of eggs.
  • Except for the initial anxiety, there’s very little or no pain involved. This pain is equivalent to the one experienced with insulin injections administered by diabetic patients.
  • Further, the eggs begin developing followed by the enlargement of ovaries. The pain felt during this process is equivalent to the one occurring during the period cramps.
  • Excess production of eggs could result in bloating and subsequent pain. However, as this is controlled by the doctors, in order to avoid it. It is necessary that you choose your doctor wisely. Dr Anjali Deval from IVF Spring is one of the prudent choices for IVF treatment.
  • The next step is to retrieve the eggs by piercing the ovaries through the vagina with the help of a long slender needle. Since this procedure involves anaesthesia, it doesn’t cause any pain to the woman.
  • 3-4 days later, when the retrieval process is completed, the embryo transfer process takes place which involves insertion but does not result in any major pain.
  • Later on, the process involves progesterone injection through long needles.

Do u think still that Is IVF treatment painful..??

Why IVF Spring?

Established in 2013, IVF Spring is the pioneer of IVF treatment in Mumbai. It has built the reputation of being the best and the safest IVF treatment centres, following due diligence and adherence to all the standard procedures involved.

Motherhood is the most beautiful of all the human emotions! Love, in motherhood, knows no boundaries, and it is absolutely unconditional! Medical science has progressed to cure a lot of conditions, and infertility is not an exception to it.

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