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IVF – an infertility treatment with highest success rates

It is every woman’s dream to give birth to her own child. Taking your baby in your arms is one of the divine feelings one could ever experience. However, some of the couples are deprived of this feeling due to some of the reasons. This state of infertility leaves them hopeless. Are you also facing the same problem? If yes then this blog might be a great help for you.

What can cause you to become infertile?

About 15% of the couples are unsuccessful to conceive a baby after one year of unprotected sex. It is also been proved that around 10% of the women are unable to conceive in their reproductive age. Infertility is immediately followed by the below-mentioned problems.

  • Endometriosis, a situation where an abnormal growth of endometrial tissue takes place outside the uterine cavity and causes pain.
  • Pelvic adhesions, polyps or uterine fibroids.
  • Menstrual disorders, obesity, stress or ill-eating habits are also some of the cause that leads to infertility.
  • Polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS) is a disease where a cyst is developed on the outside lining of the uterus and hence blocking the fallopian tubes.
  • Low sperm count or decreased quality of sperm in the male partner.
  • Other factors such as occupational hazards like chemicals or working practices.

Some solutions for your problem

There has been a great advancement in medical science that has led to the invention of various fertility treatments. These treatments are a ray of hope in the life of those couples who are unable to give birth to a child. However, not every treatment might be suitable for you. You should be careful while seeking fertility help to any clinic or hospital.

At IVF Spring Fertility center Mumbai, a number of fertility treatments such as Ovulation Induction, Natural Cycle Monitoring, Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI), Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), surgical sperm retrieval, and In Vitro Maturation (IVM) are being provided by the best embryologists and gynecologists in Mumbai. Although, not all the treatments are suitable for every person. If you face failure in all these treatments then the ultimate solution is IVF treatment.

In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)

This is one of the most commonly used assisted reproductive techniques that have generated highest success rates of pregnancy. It is basically a fertilization process by extracting embryos and retrieving a sperm sample and then combining them in the laboratories. The embryo is then placed in the uterus of the woman. There are three types of IVF treatment provided at our clinic.

  1. Natural cycle IVF: This process is the most cost-effective and safer for women as it does not involves the use of drug or any kind of hormonal stimulation. It is performed by naturally regulating the menstrual cycle of a woman for a collection of eggs, fertilizing those eggs in the laboratories and then placing them back in the uterine lining.
  2. Minimal Stimulation IVF: This process involves a minimized usage of drugs in the process of stimulation. The duration of giving medicines to the woman is just for 5-9 days. This is done so as to ensure higher quality of eggs. The whole process takes about 2 weeks to complete.
  3. Stimulated Cycle IVF: This treatment generates the highest success rates as it involves fertilization through stimulation of hormones. The extra embryos can be frozen for further use or in case the IVF cycle fails.

What facilities should you seek while looking for a fertility treatment?

To find the best fertility clinic that is suitable according to your medical requirements is very important. You come to know that you are undergoing the fertility problem but then you are clueless about where to seek a fertility help or what all things you should ensure the fertility center. Here are some questions to ask before selecting a fertility center.

  • What are the success rates of the treatment that the fertility center is providing?
  • Will the treatment be performed immediately?
  • Will any medical counseling be provided by the doctors?
  • What information to expect from the clinic before agreeing to a treatment?
  • Will they provide the treatment again if it fails once?

At IVF Spring Fertility Centre, you will find the answers to all the questions mentioned above. With the use of advanced techniques and customized treatment plans, we are satisfying our patients for 15 years by helping them in their journey towards parenthood.

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