IVF: The solution to infertility in Bhutan

IVF clinic in Bhutan:  has achieved a slow growth in the past years. Though the country has a strong tie with fertility, there are only a few IVF clinic in Bhutan. Moreover, the country does not allow ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) for LGBT couples, making it hard for them to achieve parenthood through assisted methods. The access to advanced technology is only limited to the best IVF clinic in Bhutan, making IVF and IUI in Bhutan unattainable for many couples. Though the IVF cost in Bhutan is relatively lower, the numerous restrictions on the process make many couples look for treatments in other countries, such as India.

We provide each international patient in our clinic with end-to-end services.

What you should consider before deciding your IVF clinic in Bhutan :

  • The clinic should thoroughly diagnose your condition before recommending IVF.
  • The clinic should have provisions for additional procedures, to boost IVF success rates.
  • Your doctor should be experienced in the field, and have good success rates with IVF.
  • The clinic should have counsellors to support and guide you during the process.
  •  IVF treatment uses the latest technology and equipment.
  • Your budget should be able to accommodate the clinic’s charges.
  • The clinic must have success rates according to age and condition.
  • The doctors should explain each part of the process to you in detail.

IVF clinic in Bhutan

Keeping a lookout for these factors when considering your IVF Clinic

Why Choose IVF Spring?

If you are looking for a fertility centre providing a world-class IVF clinic in Bhutan. Look no further than IVF Spring Fertility Centre. Each patient in our state-of-the-art clinic is assigned a group of specialists who work together to diagnose and treat the condition with a personalized treatment plan. Our specialists have years of expertise in the industry. Dr Anjali Deval, the director at IVF Spring Fertility Centre, Mumbai, India, regularly holds seminars for her colleagues, to discuss the latest advancements in the industry. If you’re worried about the strain of traditional IVF medication on your body, we also offer Mild and Natural IVF treatment in Bhutan, that is safer. Consult our experts today.

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