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IVM (In-Vitro-Maturation) – Treatment, Cost, & Success Rates in India

IVM (In-Vitro Maturation) treatments have helped many infertile women across the world give birth to a healthy baby. While the IVM procedure typically follows the same as of IVF, there are a few significant changes. Some women may not be able to conceive even with IVF treatments, due to OHSS etc. Here is where IVM comes into play. If you are considering opting for IVM treatment in Mumbai, you should know these aspects of the treatment before making a decision.


“It’s going to be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end”

 IVM Procedure

Unlike IVF, where mature eggs are collected, the process of IVM is a bit different. During IVM, immature eggs are collected by minimally stimulating, or avoiding any stimulation of the ovaries altogether. The immature eggs are then cultured and matured in a special medium, with a small amount of hormones added for efficiency. The eggs mature in 24-48 hours, after which they are fertilized in the lab, by the male partner’s or donor’s sperm. This is done by ICSI (Intr-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection), for accuracy and efficiency. The eggs are left to fertilize and turn into embryos, after which they are transferred to the female partner’s womb after 3-4 days, using the same method as IVF.

Risks of IVM

Collecting immature eggs poses a risk of only a small number of them maturing. This eventually leans down the number of embryos. Thus, the success rate of IVM may not always be as high as that of IVF for each patient.

Advantages of IVM treatment

  • Useful for PCOD patients, who have a high chance of developing OHSS (Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome) due to IVF medications.
  • Women under 35 years of age have a fairly high success rate with IVM.
  • Cancer patients can easily undergo IVM rather than IVF, which greatly strains their body.
  • Comparatively affordable then IVF, as there is lesser to no IVF medication involved in the process.

IVM Treatment Cost in IndiaSuccess rates of IVMThe success rates of IVM

are quite close as that of IVF. However, it depends on the patient’s health, age, and condition. Women with PCOD have a higher success rate with IVM, as the medication taken during IVF causes OHSS which can make their treatment fail, or reduce in success. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate each particular patient’s condition before determining a success rate.

IVM cost in India

Like any other fertility treatment, the cost is personalized to each patient. Dependent on age, condition, etc., the number of IVM cycles and medication etc. can differ. Some patients see success in just one cycle, whereas some may have to undergo multiple IVM cycles. Make sure to get your condition diagnosed, after which an estimate IVM treatment cost in Mumbai can be calculated.

IVM treatments have proven to be extremely effective for women across the world. Before deciding on the treatment, it is essential to consult an expert who can diagnose and guide you on the best possible treatment for your condition.


IVM treatments have seen great success for women who can’t handle traditional IVF treatments. By enabling couples around the world to achieve parenthood, IVM stands as a saving grace for patients.


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