Processes Involved in the IVF Cycle – IVF Cycle Details

The IVF cycle – It starts with the woman’s menstrual cycle, continuing until the embryo transfer process. Followed by pregnancy tests confirming pregnancy.  At IVF Spring, IVF treatment is a completely safe, reliable and result-oriented process.

Here’s more to the processes involved in IVF cycle.

First step -preparation of the ovaries for egg extraction takes place. Next step is ovarian stimulation. It continues up to 8 days and involves injecting fertility medicines. Following ovarian stimulation is the egg extraction process. This involves retrieving the eggs from ovaries. However, this process involves anesthesia, and it does not cause pain or discomfort within the individual. Thus making it a painless procedure.

Each egg is fertilized through a technique called Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). It takes three days for embryos to reach maturity levels sufficient for testing the genetic feasibility and/ or gender testing. On finding a high-quality embryo, doctors further take up the final transfer process.

The final transfer process involves transferring the high-quality embryo to the uterus through a tiny tube without anesthesia. Usually, this process takes place on the fifth day of the embryo growth.

Hope you’ve now got an idea about the IVF procedure and the steps involved in it. Please get in touch with Dr Anjali Deval from IVF Spring and set-off for the loveliest journey of all – parenting your child!

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