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Questions To Ask While Considering Surrogacy

Sometimes while making something so precious, beautiful and unique, it takes an extra helping heart. For all those who are not able to give birth to their own child, some heroic women whom we call “Surrogates” are there to help them in fulfilling their dream of becoming parents. The concept of surrogacy is a blessing for the infertile couples also giving them a biological connect with their child.

Surrogacy is one of the popular yet debatable reproductive processes. Despite being controversial, it is one of the natural and genetic methods through which you can have a child with the help of a surrogate mother. However, it is not as easy as it may look. It may be an overwhelming experience for the intended parents but with several challenges attached to it. The thought of caressing your baby after 9 months is really wonderful, but being careful while considering surrogacy is very important.

There must be zillions of thoughts running inside your mind about both positive and negative consequences of having a baby via surrogacy. Well, just take a deep breath and make out a list of some vital questions that you need to ask to the fertility center, the surrogate mother, and to yourself. To relieve you, we have some pointers that may help you in a better way.

Questions to ask your own self while considering Surrogacy!

The one person who is the first one to help you out is YOU. Yes, first you need to figure it out that you and your partner comfortable with the whole scenario of surrogacy. Making yourself mentally ready is the first thing you need to do. Ask yourself the following questions!

  • Am I comfortable to have a child through a surrogacy?
  • What all legal implications will I have to go through for opting surrogacy?
  • Should I ask a family member, a friend, or find a surrogate through an agency?
  • Can I and my partner manage the costs involved in surrogacy?
  • Which fertility clinic would be the best for the whole process?
  • Will we be allowed to get involved in the whole pregnancy period?

Quizzing yourself with the aforementioned questions will lead you to see the picture of surrogacy in a clear manner.

Questions to ask your Surrogate!

Questions to ask your Surrogate!

Choosing a surrogate mother is just like choosing a life partner, for she will carry your child inside her womb for 9 months. She is the one who is helping you to fulfil your dream of becoming a parent. It is as tough for her as it is for you. To make things less complex for both the intended parents and the surrogate mother, we have some questions that you should ask to your surrogate.

  • Will I and my partner be allowed to be involved during the whole pregnancy period?

The period of pregnancy will be very crucial for all three of you. You should make sure that will you be allowed to visit her every time during all the medical procedure and tests in the pregnancy period. Asking about it is vital as it will let you to build a connection with the child before the birth itself.

  • Have you been pregnant before?

If your surrogate has already been pregnant before then it would be easier for her to deal with the whole process once again. You can also choose to ask if any complications she has faced or experienced problems like morning sickness, extreme weakness or weight loss, so that you can provide her better treatments and a nurse who will look after her in a better way.

  • IVF procedure sometimes leads to occurrence of twins, will you be able to carry more than one child?

In the process of IVF, there are chances of fertilization of more than one egg. If your surrogate will carry pregnancy via the IVF procedure then you should make her aware of the fact that there are chances to give birth to more than one child. If she is comfortable then you can carry on the rest of the process.

Asking other relevant questions!

Having your own baby is something you have been dreaming all day and night, you would not want to take any chance in this. Asking some other related questions is advisable.

Intake of alcohol, cigarette, and drugs has an adverse effect on the pregnancy of a woman. Make sure that your surrogate abstains from all of this by asking her and making her to go through certain tests.

You can also choose to ask her that if there are any expenses other than the pregnancy ones that she need to be reimbursed.

Will it be easy? No. Is it worth it? Yes.

The journey of infertility towards parenthood is really a difficult one. Getting a helping hand will make it easy for both of you.  All the complications that you will face are all worth it as it will let you to have your own child. Adopting Surrogacy as an option would be a great idea!

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