Staying Positive During The IVF Treatment

Stay positive during IVF treatment

“Research from 2015  found a high prevalence of the major depressive disorder in people who are receiving treatment for infertility.”

Infertility can be distressing, and many people experience a sense of loss and diminished self-esteem in the setting of their infertility. Undergoing IVF treatment? Then this is the time when you need to gather all your patience together and face the whole scenario of the treatment and infertility bravely. The journey from start to end can be a bit exciting yet nerve-wracking. There must be a lot of things running inside your mind regarding the IVF treatment and whether it would be successful or not. You are the only one who can support yourself in this distressful situation. Try to make the best possible efforts to change your thoughts into a positive one that would help you in a better way to manage stress.

You must be thinking that everyone talks about “being positive” or “adopt optimism”, but no one says how to do it. Well, this blog might be of some help to you regarding how to stay positive during IVF treatment.

Optimism – Much Needed!

Optimism – Much Needed!

Stay positive during IVF treatment because Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement! Yes, that’s true; it is our thoughts that get reflected in our health. A recent study showed that women who were the most anxious and depressed prior to their IVF treatment cycle were 93% less likely to conceive than the least distressed women. So, Being negative will lead you nowhere but add more problems to your situations, don’t let them ruin your health and body. Repeatedly thinking of what if the IVF cycle fails or what if a miscarriage happens after implantation is obvious, but will do no good. It is very important to take out all the negative thoughts out of your brain. Do not isolate yourself from your acquaintances and especially the family members; they are the one who will support you compassionately.

Love Yourself!

Love Yourself

Yes, loving oneself is always important especially when going through fertility treatment. Cursing and blaming yourself for this situation of infertility will make your situation worse. There will come a situation where you might start losing patience during your infertility treatment. Do what makes you happy; be it painting, reading some good novels, photography, watching movies or talking to your friends.

Imagine that if any of your friends have undergone the same situation, would you shout at her? Or blame her for the whole situation? Instead, you will console her and will remind her how lovely and strong she is. This goes the same for you, my dear friend! If you can console your friend about her strength then why don’t you apply it to your own self? From next time before developing self-hatred, start talking and cheering yourself as one would do to a young child. Trust me you will start feeling better.

Avoid misleading facts!

Stay positive during IVF Treatment, there are several small and big obstacles which you will have to face.  Plenty of advice and instructions will be piled upon you by your peers, relatives and family members. Sometimes it may happen that you receive misleading facts from them or you might view false information from ambiguous websites. This may lead you to expect in an unrealistic manner. Either you will start to over expect and start fantasizing about your pregnancy by denying the actual facts or you may dig a deep hole for yourself of depression. Both cases will be problematic for you.

The key to open the lock of these misconceptions is to only listen to your fertility specialist and counsellor who will tell you about the exact chances of you to get pregnant and will also let you know about what should you expect during your IVF treatment.

Choosing the Right Fertility Specialist!

Choosing the Right Fertility Specialist

Though this aspect is mentioned at the last but it is as important as the IVF treatment itself. Find a fertility centre that has the highest success rates and should provide a unique treatment plan as per your medical conditions. A fertility specialist should depict a clear picture of your chances to get pregnant rather giving you false hopes. You will find all the above-mentioned potentials in our Mumbai based IVF Fertility Center which is headed by one of the best fertility specialists in Mumbai, Dr Anjali Deval. She has an experience of more than 15 years in treating infertility and is well-versed with the advanced techniques used in the IVF procedure.

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