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Surrogacy In India Or Surrogacy In U.S.A?

Surrogacy in India has skyrocketed in the past decade. The constantly growing industry constitutes a large chunk of India’s revenue, making it a highly lucrative sector in the country. However, looking at the statistics, U.S.A and India seem to be in a stiff competition to one-up the other. One of the most talked factors about surrogacy in India is the affordable cost, as compared to several other countries. The question that most intended parents opting for surrogacy have, is whether surrogacy in USA or India is better?

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Here are some factors for you to consider, between surrogacy in India and U.S.A:

  • Surrogate Mother Cost and Availability:

While surrogate mothers are easy to find in U.S.A, what stands out, is the surrogate mother cost. U.S.A is a hub for commercial surrogacy, which indicates that many surrogate mothers themselves look for lucrative options for a fat profit. Finding a surrogate mother in India is comparatively easier, that too, one that fits your budget.

  • Quality of Technology and Equipment:

India’s access to state-of-the art equipment and cutting edge technology, allows surrogacy treatments in both countries to be at the same quality level. Moreover, the efficient use of high standard technology is the same in surrogacy treatment in U.S.A and India.

  • Cost of Surrogacy in U.S.A and India:

This aspect is where the two countries vastly differ in terms of surrogacy. The surrogacy USA cost is far more than the cost of surrogacy in India. In fact, it is believed that the lowest surrogacy cost in U.S.A is the same as what is believed to be an expensive amount for surrogacy in India. Moreover, the large difference in currency value ensures that the cost incurred by surrogate mothers and intended parents is much lesser.

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  • Relationship Between the Surrogate and Intended Parents:

The surrogate-intended parent relationship is a factor mentioned in the surrogacy agreements in India. This ensures that there are no last minute mind changes in the surrogate or intended parents, and both parties are protected.

  • Surrogacy Agency in U.S.A and India:

The cheapest surrogacy agencies in U.S.A and India have a vast difference in terms of cost. Moreover, surrogacy in India is much more superior to affordable surrogacy in U.S.A. Many India surrogacy agencies offer high quality surrogacy services at an affordable rate. 

  • Surrogacy and Fertility Specialists:

Many surrogacy agencies in India have certified specialists who are experts in their field. Surrogacy experts in U.S.A are on the same level as India, indicating that the surrogacy expertise and efficiency of agencies in both countries remains the same.

By appealing to a larger mass of people, who value both, cost and quality, surrogacy in India is seen as a much better option, by intended parents. While surrogacy in USA has some great benefits, India offers similar benefits with some additions, such as affordability. By allowing for cost-effective packages while keeping high quality in mind, couples on a budget find India the best option to fulfill their dream of parenthood.

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