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Reasons Affecting Sperm Motility and its Curative Measures

Sperm motility is an important factor impacting male fertility. In simple words, it could be defined as the ability of every sperm to swim across the female reproductive tract and eventually reaching to fertilize the egg. Being diagnosed with sperm motility in the clinical analysis isn’t a reason to worry. An appropriate treatment followed by…
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Factors Affecting Sperm Count and Tips for Increasing them

Factors affecting sperm count: A man’s sperm count is an important and deciding factor affecting reproduction in a positive as well as negative manner. Of course, not all the factors are in our control. However, as a widely accepted and proven fact, a man’s fertility level and his capacity to reproduce are largely dependent on…

Experiencing Decline in sperm count? Here are some solutions!

Low Sperm Count: One of the common misconceptions – infertility problems are seen in only women as they are the one who carries the pregnancy. A man’s infertility problems are usually not paid heed to. With the fear of getting insulted in society, especially in India, men do not openly discuss their infertility related issues. Many…