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Tips to improve your ovaries health

It is every woman’s joy to have her very own children, as children are known to bring joy and happiness to the family. But sometimes this may not happen due to health issues like infertility. According to the National Family Health Survey, about 4-6% of women in India. The survey is done on women between the age group 20-49 years. Majority of these cases are caused by problems with ovulation. This means that there will be no eggs to be fertilized. Ovulation problems are mainly caused by; polycystic ovarian syndrome and Primary ovarian insufficiency.

According to Dr. Anjali Deval  who is a fertility specialist, in Mumbai  explains that; a woman’s fertility mainly depends on the state of the ovaries health, and she explains further that women who are struggling to conceive are highly likely to have poor egg conditions and that they are required to pay attention on how they can improve the ovaries health so as to increase their chances of getting pregnant.

For those who are struggling with fertility issues as well, this article is for you’ll.  As it explains various ways of improving the ovaries’ health and the quality of eggs produced so as to boost the chances of getting pregnant. They include;


VitaminsThis is one of the key factors in ensuring that the ovaries are healthy. You should ensure that the food you are taking is nutritious that is; it contains vitamins both A and D. Vitamin A is important as it helps in the cell division process. Examples of food that contains vitamin A include; carrots, spinach, milk, eggs and even pumpkin. If you are taking vitamin A in form of supplements or pills, it is advisable not to take it excessively as it can be toxic to your body.

Vitamin D is important in regulating the amount of anti-Mullerian hormone. This is a hormone that assesses the female ovarian reserve. Examples of food that contains vitamin D include; eggs, mushrooms, and salmon.

Also taking a healthy diet includes taking a lot of water, usually eight or more glasses of clean and purified water a day.

Ensure that your food has omega-3. It I so important in membrane fluidity and it also protects against oxidative damages, thus this promotes the health of the ovaries. Examples of foods that contain omega-3 includes; salmon and walnuts.

Other foods that are so important to improve your ovaries health include; Dark leafy veggies,  Turmeric, Sesame seeds, Broccoli and Ginger. Ensure that you avoid the following; cigarettes, Alcohol, Caffeine, Non-organic meats, and dairy. This is because they can damage the ovaries.

Monitor Your Periods

Monitor PeriodsIf you notice that your periods occur on an irregular basis, then there is definitely a problem. If it is accompanied by an increase in weight, difficulty in pregnancy and increased body hair growth, you should definitely seek medical assistance.

Reduce Stress

Reduce StressStress can also affect the state of the health of the ovaries. This is because women who are under stress produces; cortisol, prolactin and other hormones. These hormones interfere and sometimes block the regular ovulation. You can reduce stress by maybe; talking a walk, meditation and taking a professional massage.

From the above ways, we can see that is way easy in ensuring that the ovaries are healthy, especially if one is getting older.

We have put these points together so that you keep a check on your ovaries health if you need additional help or medication you can contact us for further support. IVF Spring is a fertility center with expert doctors who have more than 15 years of experience in treating infertility issues.

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