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Undergoing Male Fertility Tests

Male infertility – Faced by many, discussed by none!

Yes, this is true that about one-third of the fertility problems are because of male infertility. However, men are less likely to discuss the challenges they are facing in conceiving. Be it the societal pressure or a psychological fear of getting insulted, men are not so comfortable to discuss it. If you are also facing the problem of male infertility; then first understand that getting ashamed of that is a strict NO. Take things as normal and seek fertility help along with preparing yourself for the tests. In this blog you will come to know about what you should expect while going through the male fertility tests.

Know about Male Fertility Tests!

Know about Male Fertility Tests

The first step of knowing that you are a victim of male infertility or not, there are certain tests that you should undergo. Learn in brief that what exactly a male fertility test is.

Male fertility tests are medical procedures that are performed to diagnose the presence of infertility in the males. It can be caused due to various factors such as decreased quality, quantity, or shape of the sperm.

To evaluate all these factors that lead to male infertility, some of the tests are performed. These tests include semen analysis, and some blood tests. Have a detailed look.

Medical History and Physical exam

Before all the other tests, your doctor will ask about all your medical history and sexual habits that you should tell without hesitating as it will help to know about the infertility cause in a better way.  A basic physical examination of your genital areas may also be conducted.

Semen Analysis

It is basically a detailed examination of the sperm that includes checking its motility, morphology and concentration. You just need to visit a fertility clinic and provide your semen sample, rest all the process will be performed by the doctors. However, there are some precautions that you need to keep before the test. Abstinence from sexual intercourse and ejaculation for 2-5 days before the test is advisable. Also, intake of alcohol, caffeine and other drugs before the test should be avoided as it will hamper the results of the tests.

After the test is conducted, the results will provide the information about the morphology, concentration, and motility of the sperm. If these three factors are not completely alright, then you will have to undergo the fertility treatments.

Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test

If there is any deformity in the DNA of your sperm, then it would be measured by this test. Sperm DNA fragmentation means the amount of damage present in the DNA. The sperm cell is accountable to carry the DNA to the oocytes, if this doesn’t happen then the whole process will not be able to complete.

Bacterial Culture Test

If there is a bacterial infection in the genital tract of the male partner; it may also lead to infertility. To find it out, you will undergo a bacterial culture test which includes a test on the semen sample provided by you. It will let the doctors know about the infection in the prostate, if any.

What should you expect in a fertility clinic?

The basic yet crucial step of treating infertility is the Fertility Test as it lets you know the clear picture about your state of infertility. It is very necessary for you to find the best fertility clinic that will not only help you to know the cause of your infertility but will also provide you with the best fertility treatments.

Before choosing a fertility clinic for you and your partner, go through its website and have an idea about their services and experience of the doctor. A fertility specialist should not only provide the best treatment but should also counsel you and provide you a clear picture of all the tests and treatment that would be performed. Also, make sure that the fertility clinic performs the appropriate tests and treatments with the help of advanced medical techniques along with providing a unique treatment plan for the patient.

You will find all the aforementioned qualities in IVF Spring Fertility Center which is the best fertility center in Mumbai. For further information and queries Contact us and we assure you to assist in the best possible manner.

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