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What is a test tube baby? Common questions from IVF patients


IVF stands for in vitro fertilization, and it is a process by which a woman is made pregnant by the fertilization of her egg by a sperm outside her body in a scientifically controlled environment. This breakthrough technology has allowed many couples to experience the joys of parenthood even though they are single or jointly incapable of it due to some reason. But a couple going in for IVF needs to do in-depth study about the process so that they can have realistic expectations from it and not make any errors which would endanger the child that is being brought into this world. Also, there are a large number of clinics offering IVF today, and a thorough knowledge of all aspects of IVF would help parents choose the correct clinic for their procedure. Let us look at some common IVF questions that parents have when they are going in for IVF :

What is a test tube baby?
Because the process is completely carried out in a laboratory, a number of test tubes, Petri dishes and other laboratory equipment are used. That is why a baby conceived from in vitro fertilization is called a Test Tube Baby. There is no separate Meaning of Test Tube Baby, it is just a layman term to refer to a baby born through IVF.

Which situations require IVF?
When a woman has not been able to conceive after two years of regular and unprotected sex, it means that there might be some issues with the reproductive mechanism or either or both of the partners, and the Test Tube Baby Procedure might need to be initiated.

Test Tube Baby Procedure Step By Step :

• The female partner is injected daily with the correct hormones which would stimulate the production of her eggs.

• The progress is monitored on a daily basis for a fortnight with clinical monitoring and ultrasonography tests.

• Once the eggs are formed, they are internally retrieved under anesthesia.

• Concurrently, the sperm is also retrieved from the male partner.

• They are either mixed together or the sperm is injected into the egg in the laboratory until the fertilization takes place.

• From the embryos formed as a result of fertilization, 2 or 3 healthiest ones are selected and transferred back to the female partner’s womb.

• About a fortnight after this, the pregnancy test is done to check whether the procedure was successful.

What are the pros and cons of IVF?
IVF offers a way out for couples who have unsurmountable physical issues which inhibits the fertilization of eggs. Low sperm count, blocked Fallopian tubes, genetic disorders etc. are just some examples of problems which can be overcome by IVF. The cons of this procedure are that it doesn’t guarantee a chance of success. Due to wide coverage in media, couples often go in for this procedure expecting miracles and then are disappointed when things don’t go according to plan.

What is the Price of Test Tube Baby?
The costs involved in IVF have a wide variance, depending on the city of treatment, the clinic chosen, and the individual medical histories of both partners which would determine of any specialized treatments are required. A ballpark figure for the basic IVF cycle is Rs. 2 lakhs, and could go up to Rs. 5 lakhs. Additionally, specialized treatments like ICSI might cost anything from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 3 lakhs extra.

These were just a few of the frequently asked questions, and when you decide to go through the procedure there will be many other Test Tube Baby FAQs that will come to your mind. Satisfy yourself with answers to all of them so that you do not feel disappointed later and you are able to select your best test tube baby clinic.

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