What is egg donation and how does it work?

Egg donation can help woman The women become pregnant when it is difficult for them to do so.

Here is a brief overview of what happens when you choose to become an egg donor.

  • Firstly, you will be asked to go through a thorough initial screening along with some interviews that will help the infertility clinic to understand whether you are suited for the egg donor program. Once you pass all the tests, you will be approved for the egg donation process.
  • When an individual or a couple chooses to seek donor eggs. They go through the pre-screened egg donors and find a suitable candidate. This may take a short or a long time, which varies with every single case.
  • An egg donor is going to need to take daily Lupron injections for suppressing her natural cycle. This is done to synchronize her cycle with that of the recipient. During this ovarian stimulation phase, an egg donor also administers daily gonadotropin injections for stimulating her ovaries. Only a single egg matures through the natural cycle; gonadotropin injections can help in promoting the maturation of more than a single egg for retrieval.
  • Doctors focus on creating a favourable uterine environment inside the recipient so that she develops an endometrium of 7 mm.  In certain instances, some patients might experience difficulties to reach the minimum required endometrial thickness. Therefore they may need special treatments.
  • Once the eggs of the donor have developed sufficiently, the process of ovulation will be triggered with an hCG injection. Next, the eggs are retrieved through the process of egg retrieval.
  • As an egg donor, you may experience a number of side effects. Like bloating, cramping, moodiness, aching, nausea, hot flashes, headaches as well as breast tenderness.  Discuss such side effects with your doctor if you are experiencing any of them.

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