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Yoga – boosts fertility to a great extent

“Yoga is the energy of the self, through the self, to the self!”

Yoga is the best way to calm the mind, body and soul. It is the best healer, especially when you are in stress. Yoga helps greatly in maintaining a balanced metabolism, improving respiration along with providing enough of energy and strength to the body. Apart from all these benefits, rarely does someone know that it also helps in boosting fertility to a great extent. Yes, performing yoga will help you in preparing yourself for attaining pregnancy as there are numerous Yoga methods and poses. By performing Fertility Yoga, not only will you gain a physical balance but your reproductive system will also be boosted. But what is this Fertility Yoga? How will it boost fertility? Well, go on reading!

What is Fertility Yoga?
It has been proved in certain studies that fertility is hampered by stress largely. To reduce the stress levels, fertility yoga was introduced. It is a key to attain equilibrium in your body along with maintaining proper hormonal balance. It lets in increasing an energy flow throughout the body that improves its proper functioning. There are some specific series of yoga stretches and poses, helpful in supporting and nurturing the reproductive as well as the endocrine system. For knowing more you can join up the fertility wellness program efficiently provided at IVF Spring.

How does Fertility Yoga help?
1. Infertility leads to various distressful situations like the outbreak of anger, frustration, stress (that may be because of different reasons) and other reactions that may cause harm to the immune system. Fertility Yoga largely helps in lowering these reactions.
2. Levels of hormones such as Cortisol and Adrenaline, which can cause hindrance in conception, are exorbitantly reduced by performing yoga.
3. It also helps in neutralizing a woman’s biological clock and hormonal balance including menstrual cycle regularity as irregular periods lead to various diseases and infertility.
4. During infertility, a type of bitterness may come in-between you and your partner’s relationship. By regularly practising yoga you will definitely feel a sense of relaxation that is essential for achieving a healthy pregnancy.
5. Fertility Yoga revitalizes the blood flow throughout the body that helps in clearing any kind of adhesions and blockages present in the body. As 30% of the female infertility issues are because of blocked fallopian tubes; fertility yoga is of great help.
6. It is very important for a woman to have healthy ovaries in order to give birth to a child. There are certain yoga poses that help in providing an extra amount of oxygen to the reproductive organs and making them healthier.

What kind of Yoga poses should you practice for getting pregnant?
After discussing all the possible benefits that can be gained by Fertility Yoga, let us now talk about all those yoga methods and poses for the same. Start with “slower yoga” i.e. the Hath Yoga which is considered to be bit light at the initial stages and is very ideal for fertility because of its gentler and flowing movements. It helps greatly in calming your mind and maintaining focus as deep & slow breathing process are involved in it. Enhance your blood circulation and attain mental peace by performing this asana. A vital energy flows into your genital area when you hold certain yoga poses.

Any fertility treatment requires lots of patience and mental strength to be successful. Fertility Yoga and other meditation practices will let you attain peace and strength for accomplishing in the treatment. Various fertility wellness therapies are conducted at IVF Spring, helping to increase physical, emotional and spiritual and well-being. Know more by getting in touch with our experienced centre practitioners; for expertise is all that you will find here!

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