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How to cope with Father’s day when you are still not the one?

Whom do you love the most amongst your parents? Hard to answer! Right? Then why parenthood is usually associated with only motherhood and fathers are expected to be much stronger and patient. Fertility issues are faced by both men and women but still the focus is kept on a female’s mental and emotional well-being. Well, a man also needs an emotional support and a sense of empathy, especially when attacked by infertility.
Father’s day is arriving! Great occasion for some men, but is depressing for those who are infertility-stricken. I would like to acknowledge all those men who are silently facing this issue by encouraging them through this blog. It is very important to find a smooth and sound path that will help you to cope up with this tough time. Undergoing infertility treatments is already distressing and then seeing father’s day excitement all around adds on the disappointment. So all the “Fathers-to-be” out there, tighten your seatbelts and walk with us towards the journey of becoming a father.

Know some facts!
Knowing the correct information is the first step of your journey. There are a number of male infertility myths that can be seen rumoured in the society. Age matters in the case of men also. Though the ability to produce a sperm is not lost completely, it gradually declines with the increase in age. Avoid exposure from heated temperatures such as hot tubs, saunas etc. as it has a direct impact on the shape and size of the sperm. Avoid wearing tight clothes; they lead to an increase in the temperature of the scrotum which further hampers the sperm count.

How to cope with Father’s day when you are still not the one?
As father’s day is arriving, your anxiety would be increasing. With the increasing trend in Social Media, sharing about every event and occasion is the new fashion. You might feel to disconnect yourself from every sort of network or hide in your house full day. You will be ruining your situation more my friend! Hiding or isolating yourself is not the ultimate solution. Of course, seeing other fathers celebrate would hurt you inside but sitting all day and just thinking about the terrible situation will also lead you nowhere. I am not saying you to go and indulge in the celebrations but you can choose to spend your day in a different yet positive way.

Speak out!
One of the best ways to release one’s stress is to speak the heart out. Talk to your partner, she is the one who will understand you the best. Spending quality time by going to a movie or dinner will help you retain both of your relation. Talking to a friend or someone who has undergone the same situation will also make you comfortable and connected. Sometimes, it is best to discuss it with a professional expert or a therapist where you are sure that there is full confidentiality about your matter. At IVF Spring, there are highly qualified professionals who have an expertise in handling the infertility issues as well as counselling the patients for more than 15 years.

Keep calm!
You must have always heard “keep calm” or “stay positive” from your family and peers. It is easier said than done! Yes, it is not easy to be always strong in this arduous situation, but you can make your life simpler by following some of the below-mentioned traits.

  • DO NOT suppress your emotions! It is completely fine to be frustrated and sad at this stage, recognize your feelings and go with the flow.
  • Talk to yourself. Yes, compassionate self- talk and not the one in which you will be cursing yourself.
  • Don’t confine yourself in a room or else it will fill you with more negative thoughts.
  • Any kind of sports you like, you can choose to go out and play with your boy gang.
  • Yoga or a meditation session would also be nice; they are great healers when in stress.

A father is son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love. The feeling of being a father is truly exceptional. To experience this bliss, head towards our Mumbai based fertility centre where we completely analyze your situation and then provide you with relevant fertility treatments. To know more, connect with us now!

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