Secondary Infertility: A Problem Not Spoken About Enough

Secondary Infertility treatment: Not everyone dreams of having just one child. Some people want two, maybe even three children. Getting pregnant the first time may have been easy, so most couples don’t give much thought to a second pregnancy, thinking they can have a second child when they are ready.  However, when the time comes, many couples try for months on end to get pregnant and are only met with failure. This is called Secondary Infertility. If you are someone who may be afflicted with this condition, the first thing to do is understand that you are not the only one.

Why Does Secondary Infertility Matter?

Secondary Infertility can come as a huge shock for couples. The fact that they have had a child before ensures them that it is possible to easily conceive the second time as well. This causes bouts of depression and makes them give up, before they can get down to the root of the problem. Lack of awareness about Secondary Infertility prevents them from knowing that there are treatments that can still help them conceive.

What are the causes of Secondary Infertility?

  • Advanced Age: A woman is born with a lifetime’s supply of eggs that are regularly released during the ovulation cycle. As a woman grows older, the reserve of eggs keeps diminishing. Women past the age of 30 generally face issues with secondary infertility due to this very reason.
  • Reproductive System Issues: Factors like PCOS, Endometriosis, and others make it generally difficult to conceive. These issues can be progressive if not regularly controlled, causing issues such as Secondary Infertility.
  • Bad Lifestyle: Consuming alcohol regularly, smoking, eating unhealthy food, and not exercising enough is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a bad lifestyle. Each of these factors reduces fertility in men and women alike.
  • Male Infertility: It is often said that unlike women, who are born with a limited supply of eggs, men remain fertile, irrespective of age. However, this is not the case. A man’s fertility also reduces with age and bad lifestyle choices.

How to overcome secondary infertility

How to deal with Secondary Infertility? What is Secondary Infertility treatment?

If you are having trouble conceiving a second time, and are about to give up, DON’T. The first step to dealing with Secondary Infertility is to understand that the Secondary Infertility Depression is real. Women tend to give up, to avoid any further pain. Giving up should not be an option, especially if you have not tried to seek medical help for your condition.

There are a few Secondary Infertility treatment options:

  • IUI Treatment: This method involves directly placing the sperm near the fallopian tubes, to aid fertilization.
  • IVF Treatment: IVF Treatment involves fertilizing the embryo outside the body, and then placing it in the body for implantation.

 Secondary Fertility Statistics are alarming to read, especially for people who have no idea what it is.  Sometimes, couples feel comforted by just knowing that they are not alone.

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